Social hour
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Help your alumni come together and make real connections

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Fully customizable lounges and stages

Add your own colors, branding, and sponsors

Presentation spaces

Hold large and small presentations, with everyone together or in more intimate groups simultaneously

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Networking spaces

Your alumni will connect and reconnect again, with small-group topical conversations in networking lounges

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User profiles & SSO

Integrate with your existing authentication systems and allow users to fill in their profile fields during the event

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What people are saying

Socializing came naturally on Social hour! They loved the range of topics happening at the various tables we set up.

Karen Sprole

Dartmouth Alumni Event

As a host I found the event easy to customize. As an attendee I loved the ease of seeing what was happening at the entire event, and engaging with tables that looked the most interesting.

Hannah Garfinkel

William & Mary

  • Columbia University
  • Dartmouth University
  • Texas A&M University
  • William & Mary

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CSU Summer Alumni Gala

Virtual alumni gala with networking lounges and hybrid stages with tables

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