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Perfect for…

  • 🤝 Networking events
  • 🍸 Virtual happy hours
  • 👪 Family reunions
  • 🎁 Fundraisers
  • 📚 Study groups

Spaces built for social connection

Attendees can move in and out of small group conversations—just like at in-person events. Events can have many rooms, each with their own set of tables.

  • At a table

    People at a table
  • In a room

    Tables in a room
  • At an event

    Rooms in an event

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  1. Basic

    Small, social or networking events

    • Up to 50 attendees
    • Up to 10 tables per event
    • Up to 5 people per table
    • Up to 45 minutes per event
    • Sign in with Google


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  2. Plus

    Larger events

    • Up to 100 attendees
    • Up to 15 tables
    • Up to 7 people per table
    • Up to 90 minutes per event
    • Upload your logo
    • Schedule in advance
    • Sign in with Google
    • Background music


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  3. Enterprise

    Branded events

    • Up to 5,000 attendees
    • Multiple rooms
    • Full and multi-day events
    • Presentations and panel discussions
    • Schedule in advance
    • Company sign in via SSO
    • Login with Microsoft or LinkedIn
    • Background music
    • Fully branded experience
    • Sponsored rooms and tables
    • Personalized event welcome page
    • Customize every aspect
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You’re in good company

Screenshot of SocialHour lobby during TechChange event Nick Martin, President and CEO, TechChange
“As a longtime networker, bumping around to different tables today it was closest I’ve felt to the conference hallway online. And it was faster and more intuitive than Zoom on so many levels. Great work team.”
Nick Martin, President and CEO, TechChange

Trusted by organizations large and small

  • Equinix
  • TechChange

How does it work?

  • Host sets up tables and rooms
    Social Hour’s event configuration board
  • Host sets table topics
    Social Hour’s table topics configuration board
  • Host can add a playlist for background music
    Social Hour’s playlist configuration board
  • Attendees log in via Google or Microsoft
    Social Hour’s sign–in page
  • Attendees enter the lobby and choose a table
    Social Hour’s demo lobby
  • Attendees can edit/update table topics
    How to edit table topic

How we compare

Social Hour
  • Attendees can visit whichever tables or topics they please
  • Attendees can see where other specific attendees are in the room, so joining events with groups is easy and fun
  • Attendees can set discussion topics for their table and invite other attendees to join their conversation
  • Event hosts can put on background music for the entire event to enjoy
  • Event hosts can address their entire event using our announcement capability
  • Event host must assign attendees to breakout rooms, and attendees can’t move around between breakout rooms
  • Only event hosts can see where all attendees are located in the event
  • Only event hosts can rename the breakout room to reflect the event track or table topic
  • Event hosts cannot set background music for the entire event or for individual breakout rooms
  • Meeting hosts can only send text chats to every breakout room

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