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Spaces built for interaction and engagement


Table conversations are the core of the Social hour experience. We believe the richest social interaction happens in small dynamic groups, where members may easily come and go as they please.

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Give a presentation, host a panel, screen a video—and so much more. Our stage layout is simple yet flexible enough to accommodate your event.

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Stages with tables

The best of both worlds! Think gala or wedding reception. Hang at a table with your friends, stop by other tables, watch and discuss stage speakers and presentations.

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The best guest experience

Emoji feedback

Respond to the speaker with emojis. Applaud, laugh, raise your hand without interrupting.

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Background music

Set the mood with curated playlists that play in the lobby and softly in the background.

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Word game

Play a game of anagrams against your peers at your table to mix things up!

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Live video & chat support

You can count on someone to need a little extra support, which is why we'll be there to talk them through, in person, on video.

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User profiles

Guests add a little personal information that is visible on their video stream during the event—make memorable connections.

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The best host experience

Multiple hosts

Build your event with the help of your team. Invite a decision-maker to sign off on your event design.

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Address all your guests at once with video announcements. Gracefully interject small table conversations to inform guests about upcoming speakers or whatever you'd like.

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Pre-recorded videos

Upload your video presentation content before the event and test it out so you know you're ready to press play when it's time to show your video.

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Leave a lasting impression


It's your event and it should look like it! Add your brand (or personal) logo to be displayed in all event areas.

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Custom colors & backgrounds

You have a vision and we support it. Use one of our curated colors and backgrounds or pick your own.

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Event metrics

So how did it go? Event metrics show you exactly that—who came and when, what tables were popular, and everything else.

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