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People love Social hour

Here's what hosts and guests have to say about their Social hour experience

  • Everyone had a great time! People loved the music, games, and moving between tables to talk to different small groups. Everyone was impressed, and many stayed until the very end. Three days later and they are still talking about how much fun they had! Much better than Zoom breakout rooms or events. Management was thrilled with the whole package offered by Social hour – background music, ease of changing table topics and moving around to meet individuals in small groups, and announce virtual raffles every half hour.

    Victoria Kikoen

    Project Manager at

  • The party turned out fantastic! People really enjoyed moving around to different tables and catching up with different people. They loved that there weren't assigned breakout rooms and really appreciated that they could choose who they wanted to interact with at the event. Oh, the other standout feature was the background music! It really made the event feel like a party and not another team meeting.

    Sarah Snell

    Chief Operating Officer at HFA

  • Our party was fantastic! Everybody loved it felt it was like a real party. Moving from table to table was so easy and conversations flowed naturally. Nothing about our virtual party felt forced; the background music gave it that party vibe. The CEO especially loved it and complimented our choice of platform. We will definitely be using Social hour more!
    Melissa Turowski

    Executive Assistant to the CEO at Sage Realty

  • Social hour's breakout tables provide the closest experience I've seen to networking face-to-face at conferences. Faster and more intuitive than Zoom on many levels!

    Nick Martin

    President and CEO at TechChange

  • Our virtual event was a great success! People had so much fun and stayed till the very end. We even extended for folks who wanted an after party! The CEO was really pleased. We absolutely recommend using Social hour for any company social event.

    Arnett & Burgess Pipeliners

  • This was the first time students got to interact with other students socially all year! Normally we're in lectures or a formal Zoom Q&A. But with Social hour, students had fun catching up with each other and met new friends. People loved that they could move around themselves without having to wait for a host to mange the breakout rooms like in Zoom.

    Student Organizer at Texas A&M University

  • It's easy to move around to other tables. I appreciated getting the chance to interact with more co-workers than I would have at an in-person event. Plus, I really enjoyed getting to meet some of my co-workers’ families. That made the event feel more personal and intimate than regular events. Such a great event!
    Vince Perez

    Inside Sales Representative at

  • Social hour really sweats the small stuff to make better virtual events. You know who’s in the room and what they're talking about, quickly creating intimate small group conversations. It's easy to use and navigate. As natural as walking into a real mixer!

    John Janek

    Chief Technologist at Dev Technology Group

  • Our Sage virtual holiday party was surprisingly fun! I wasn't sure if it was going to be like an awkward Zoom meeting, but that was not the case at all. The various "tables" with topics allowed me to jump around and talk with people, like it was a real party. It was nice to see everyone, joke around about various topics, reminisce about the past year with no pressure or awkwardness that sometimes accompany virtual events. Highly recommended!

    Dermot O'Sullivan

    VP, General Manager at Sage Realty - WKO Design Build

  • The event was fun! There were several coworkers who hadn’t formally met each other and Social hour was a great venue for people to get to know each other. Some colleagues also invited their significant others which was a nice touch.
    Artie Kris

  • I have nothing but positive feedback! People had a lovely time and kept saying this app was so awesome! I loved that the event was so easy to set up. I just didn’t have it in me to create a whole scavenger hunt or something else like that. And with Social hour, the game and music were already built in so it was like having a party in a box.

    Social hour customer

  • Social hour is an amazing platform! People comment how much they like it every time we use it. It is perfect for keeping people engaged in a fun and social way. I love the summary screen that reminds you who you interacted with–a great feature from a networking perspective. Social hour is definitely a key player in our new virtual world.
    Rebecca Blevins

    Office Manager and Executive Assistant at Dev Technology Group

  • I really enjoyed the platform - our virtual holiday party was so much fun. I loved that there was holiday music playing in the background. Hopping from table to table was really easy to navigate and was fun to interact with people just like a real party. I look forward to using this platform again.
    Jacqueline Harris

    Executive Assistant at Sage Realty

  • I hosted a 50-person baby shower using Social hour and it was a breeze! It was definitely a more genuine way to video chat with our family and friends. Even my aunts and uncles - who aren’t the best with new technology - found it easy to use and not a single person had any technical issues. Thanks for making my day special ❤️