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20% off all events for educators and non-profits


Customized agreements to fit your needs


  • Unlimited events
  • All features and customization options available
  • Streamlined event setup and full time client team support
  • Customizable MSAs
  • Pay for only what you use
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Event Series

  • Great for recurring events
  • Turn any single event design into a series, customized for you
  • Add one-off event designs to the series
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Popular with our enterprise events

  • Pre-recorded videos

  • Record stages

  • RTMP streaming

  • Custom backgrounds

  • Single Sign-On Integration

  • Closed captioning

  • Smart Attendee grouping

  • Larger table sizes

Single Event

Start with one event and let us show you what we can do


Unlimited size and duration
  • Unlimited rooms of any type
  • Up to 1500 guests in a stage room
  • Networking nudges and attendee ushering
  • Custom branding and design
  • Games and music
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Up to 2 hour and 150 guests

Starting at

  • Multiple rooms of any type: Lounge, Stage, or Hybrid
  • Custom branding and design
  • Games and music
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Up to 1 hour and 40 guests

Starting at


  • 1 multi-purpose room of any type: Lounge, Stage, or Hybrid
  • Games and music
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Included with all events

  • Background music

    Choose from our curated music playlists to set the mood

  • Word game

    Add a collaborative word game at guest tables

  • Puzzle game

    Add a collaborative puzzle for table guests to solve

  • Event chat

    Talk to individual guests, your table, or the entire event

  • Photo booth

    Add a virtual photo booth for shareable souvenirs

  • Custom user profiles

    Add profile fields for more meaningful connections

  • Icebreakers

    Use our curated conversation starters

  • One-on-one networking

    Connect with other guests in one-on-one sessions

  • Networking nudges

    Automatically prompt guests to switch tables

  • Participant listing

    Search guests to view their profile or join their table

  • Opt-in contact sharing

    Share your contact with individuals you choose

  • Video stream backgrounds

    Use our privacy screens and blur your stream background

  • Sign-in experience

    Sign in via Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, or by email

  • No download required

    Join from a desktop or mobile web browser