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Case study: Science & tech

Virtual Holiday Party for IBM

IBM produces and sells computer hardware, middleware and software, and provides hosting and consulting services in over 171 countries.

Event goals

  • Host a virtual end of year celebration for the global Tech Re-Entry Program participants

  • Hold a virtual cocktail hour, networking opportunities, and awards presentation throughout the program

  • Allow talented technical professionals who are looking to restart their careers network and get to know one another

Social hour experience

  • Designed a Lounge with custom table topics to encourage conversation between attendees

  • Attendees met with an average of 20 individuals throughout the event

  • Enabled host-only announcements to inform guests about the event agenda and end-of-year awards

  • Added custom backgrounds to the event photo booth, allowing guests to leave with a souvenir snapshot

  • Prompted guests to move tables after 10 minutes with Social hour's networking nudge feature

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