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How To Organize A Virtual Fundraiser

A fundraiser is a quick and easy way to collect money for a cause or purpose. Being able to organize them virtually makes it even more accessible and less troublesome. However, before you invite people and ask them for their spare cash, you need to learn a few things first.

Planning For Your Virtual Fundraiser

Virtual fundraisers can either be a boom or a bust, depending on how well you organize it. It requires in-depth planning and top-notch execution for you to reach your fundraising goal. Here are the things you need to consider while organizing a virtual fundraiser:

Your Purpose For Your Fundraising

Fundraisers are never just for the purpose of raising money. Instead, the money you will collect is only a tool necessary to accomplish a goal. Thus, one can consider this underlying goal as even more crucial than the fundraiser itself.

Although you may already have a general idea of your primary goal, you need to dig deeper. You need to answer questions such as, “How will the money help with your main purpose?”, “How crucial is it for your purpose to succeed?” and “Will people relate to your purpose enough for them to contribute their hard-earned money?”

The Minimum Amount You Need

When fundraising, it is necessary that you have a specific target amount in your mind. Otherwise, you will never know if your fundraising was a success or a failure. To determine the minimum amount you need to raise, consider the following expenses:

  • Your expected costs for your primary purpose
  • The actual costs of your fundraising event
  • The cost of marketing your fundraising event

You can also consider other items that are not on this list. Just remember that including an allowance in your estimate is always a best practice. Doing so will help you mitigate unforeseen expenses.

Your Target People

The purpose of your fundraising significantly affects your target audience. For example, if your goal is to raise funds to set up an animal shelter, your target will include people interested in saving animals. If your purpose is to organize a tree planting, you can expect environmentally conscious people to donate.

Knowing your target people is very important as it would help you market your fundraising to the correct individuals. It is no secret that marketing costs a lot unless you are super lucky. By having a good idea of who to target, you can effectively budget your marketing and customize your messaging.

Your Fundraising Budget

As we have mentioned above, fundraisers can cost you some money. These costs may include venue rentals, labor, marketing expenses, logistics, and more. Fortunately, virtual fundraisers can eliminate some of these costs. Nevertheless, you must set a budget for your fundraising event at the early stages of your planning.

Your Marketing Plan

Inviting people personally to join your virtual fundraising event can be helpful. However, solely relying on such a strategy can take a significant amount of time and effort. Marketing your virtual fundraising on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help you reach a broader audience.

When creating a marketing plan, consider your target audience, your goals, and your marketing costs. You must balance between getting to as many people as possible without breaking your budget.

Social Hour Can Help You With Your Virtual Fundraiser

Organizing a virtual fundraising can be a drag. One of the biggest worries of most virtual fundraisers is finding the best platform for their events. Social Hour is a virtual fundraiser platform packed with features to help you organize the best virtual fundraising event for you and your attendees.

Social Hour Tables

Probably one of the best features of Social Hour is its customizable Tables. With Social Hour’s Tables, you can create groups within your event that cater to different needs or provide different activities. This feature allows participants to jump between Tables as they wish, leveling up your fundraising from being just a simple video call to a full-blown online convention.

For example, you can create a Table where attendees can check how close you are to your fundraising goal. You can then create another Table that allows participants to speak with each other. This way, your activities are not getting mixed up, giving your participants a better experience.

Spotlight Multiple Speakers

Social Hour’s Stages feature allows you to spotlight a single or a group of speakers. With this feature, you can give your participants a similar feel to face-to-face panel discussions. Thus, it will be easier for your participants to understand the importance of your fundraising.

Easily Manage Your Participants

Managing a large number of participants can be hell for many organizers. Luckily, Social hour’s participant management system lets you do everything you need in just a few clicks. Its Participants Listing allows you to view and chat with any of your attendees. You can also use it to join any participant at their current Table.

Apply Your Own Branding

Giving your participants a feel of who you are and what you stand for can make them more likely to donate to your cause. Social hour allows you to apply your branding to your virtual fundraising event.

You can display your logo across events and choose colors that match your brand. You can also customize your landing pages to give participants a better welcoming experience.

Fun Activities For Everyone

Who said that fundraising events could not be fun? Social Hour provides ready-made fun activities that your participants can join. You can choose from ice breakers, word games, and jigsaw puzzles to break any monotony. Social jour’s photo booth is also a great way to build connections between your participants.

In-Depth Metrics Of Your Event

After your virtual fundraising event, it is helpful to measure the success of your event. Social hour’s Event Metrics lets you see the total number of participants that joined your fundraising. It also shows you which events or Tables were most popular, helping you plan better virtual fundraisings in the future.

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